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2018 in Sweden!

Join JBS-USA and the Jussi Björling Society (Scandinavia) for a celebration of the 20th Anniversary of our Society.  We will gather in Strömsbruk on September 1 where Stefan Olmårs has organized a terrific concert featuring baritone Tyler Duncan and Swedish soprano Malin Hartelius.  Stefan tells us he is still working on supplying a tenor.  

JB Museum.jpg

After the concert there is a buffet dinner followed by a Jussi-request session.  On September 2, we will visit David Björling's birthplace as well as other sites associated with him.  We will include a visit to the Borlänge museum, to be sure.  Much more information and sign-up opportunities will follow, just as soon as we have performance schedules for the various Stockholm and provincial musical ensembles.