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Jussi Björling's flawless vocal technique, silvery beauty of tone, gleaming upper register, and superb interpretive skills made him the greatest and most beloved tenor of the
twentieth century.

Numerous colleagues as well as music critics have long placed him at the very pinnacle of vocal excellence. It was to Jussi that Dorothy Caruso, widow of Enrico Caruso, said, "You are the only one worthy to wear his mantle, bear Rico’s crown!"

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Despite his fame across three continents, and multiple decorations from heads of state, Swedish tenor Jussi Björling remained a humble and simple man, deeply devoted to his family. His tragically early death in 1960 at the age of 49 ended a brilliant career that began during the acoustic era of recording and extended to the advent of stereophonic sound. 

Jussi Björling's strong bond with the people of America dates from 1919, when audiences first heard him as a young boy. As an adult, his appearances at opera houses in New York, Chicago and San Francisco were eagerly awaited each season. In addition to opera he crisscrossed the country performing in concerts and recitals as well as on radio and later television. His extensive legacy of recordings, and his enormous popularity in the United States live on to this day, and the formation of The Jussi Björling Society – USA in 1998, 38 years after his death, is testament to this.

“When I’m about to train a new opera, I first listen to how Jussi Björling did it. His voice was unique and it’s his path that I want to follow. I would more than anything else wish that people compared me with Jussi Björling. That’s how I’m striving to sing.”
— Luciano Pavarotti, 1988 interview for Svenska Dagbladet


JBS-USA aims to provide a forum for Björling enthusiasts to meet and share information, experiences and ideas.

We will celebrate and preserve the legacy of this unique artist and work to educate a new generation about Jussi's special gift. Please join our Internet Chat Group for animated discussions and news on CD and book releases, as well as updates on conferences and other meetings.

JBS works in collaboration with the Jussi Björling Appreciation Society (U.K.) and cooperation with the Jussi Björling Museum (Sweden) and the Scandinavian Jussi Björling Society (Sweden). 




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