JBS-USA Current Publications

Currently featured articles in the July, 2017 Newsletter of the Jussi Björling Societies of the USA and UK:

  • JBS-USA Announces 20th Anniversary mini-conference and CD by Sue Flaster
  • Dan Shea in his first 80 years by Enrique Gilardoni
  • Dan Shea:  Celebrating math and music by Kendall Svengalis
  • Te Deum, Messa Da Requiem (Verdi) by David Cutler, courtesy of THE RECORD COLLECTOR
  • The Jussi Björling Recording Survey - "Song" Results by Walter B. Rudolph

Previously featured articles in the February, 2017 Journal of the Jussi Björling Societies of the USA and UK:

  • The President's Pen by Terry Williams
  • Andrew Farkas by James A. Drake, Ph.D.
  • A Jussi Björling Phonography by Harald Henrysson:  a Critical Tool by Terry Williams and Sue Flaster
  • David Björling Becomes a Singer:  USA, Sweden and Vienna 1899-1908 by Harald Henrysson
  • In Jussi's "Sound Tracks" by Roger Alderstrand
  • Ben Heppner in Utah by Walter B. Rudolph
  • Jussi Björling's Penultimate New York Recital by Ed Walter
  • Roberta Peters Obituary, New York, May 4, 1930 - January 18, 2017