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What Does Membership in JBS - USA Offer?

  •  A free one year subscription to JBS publications. 
  •  Opportunities to share knowledge and experiences. 
  •  Special gifts (copies of articles, reviews, etc.). 
  •  Special Events/Meetings. 

In order to become a member of JBS-USA, please fill out the below form and click "Send". Once you have submitted the Online Form, you must select your Contribution Level using the "Donate" buttons below. You may also join by mail by downloading and printing the PDF Membership Form and sending with a check below.


We’d like to suggest the following levels of support:

After clicking one of the "Donate" buttons you may complete your payment using your Credit Card or PayPal account. To use a Credit Card, on the next page fill out your Credit Card information , and click "Continue".

Level 1

Individual Contribution: $35
Includes a one-year subscription to our Journal & Newsletter.

Student Contribution: $10
Includes a one-year subscription to digital versions of our Journal and Newsletter.

Level 2

Family Contribution: $50
Includes a one-year subscription to our Journal and Newsletter and extends individual
benefits to the entire household, i.e.,
special family rates for Society sponsored
events, trips, and meetings.

Level 3

Founder Contribution: $100
Includes all of the above benefits.

Level 4

Lifetime Contribution: $1000*
Includes all of the above benefits for your entire lifetime.

* May we suggest that if you are considering a Lifetime Membership contribution of $1000, you discuss this, or any other membership issue, with one of the following:


Terry L. Williams, President
1027 West Burning Tree Dr
Kansas City, MO 64145


Allan Buchalter, Membership
2514 Jody Court
N. Bellmore, NY 11710-1921

Walter Rudolph
1056 North 840 West
Orem, UT 84057


Sue Flaster
42 Chapel St.
Charleston, SC 29403

Kendall Svengalis,
Vice President


Dan Shea
3337 Conservancy Lane
Middleton, WI 53562 

* Members’ names and email addresses will be made available to Jussi Björling Society-USA members who elect to be included on the list. The purpose of the list is to permit members to communicate with each other; this information will not be made available for marketing or any other purposes. If you wish to be included on the email list, pleasecheck/(click) the Opt-In Box